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Island Sails

Island Sails is a grass roots operation, which was designed around a lifestyle typical to beautiful Hawaii. Growing up on these islands, it seemed we spent more time at the beach and in the ocean, then we did at home.

If we weren't surfing, we were fishing or messing around in the water. Over the years it seemed natural that the ocean became a major influence in our lives, until at some point it became our life. It's like the quality of the day depended on it! Island Sails' recipe for sucess comes from these experiences.  Read More...



Thirty million years ago the earth looked much different from what it looked like today. While continents were being tweaked into odd shapes, the Hawaiian Islands were merely bubbling magma beneath the Pacific ocean. The Hot Spot, or area in which magma burst through the continental plate, is what created our island chain. Layer upon layer, year after year, this molten rock has produced over 125 remote islands in the Pacific. Because these newly formed islands rest on the continental plate, which rests on a sea of magma, each year this island chain drifts north-westward a couple of inches, spreading these islands out over 1,600 miles and creating what is known as the Hawaiian Ridge. Although the Hawaiian Ridge is moving, the Hot Spot is not. Once the newly-formed island moves away from the Hot Spot, the island stops growing. Today the Hot Spot rest below the Big Island of Hawaii, causing this (one of the eight Hawaiian Islands) to still be active.

Trevor Cabell, Owner

"For us Island Sails is a extention of a life style. Our realationship with the ocean and Hawaii's culture is what we take pride in. We hope we can share some of the ocean activities that we love with you while here on Kauai." - Trevor Cabell, Owner


Captain's Log

"Thank you for our enjoyable sunset and afternoon sail. You guys are perfect gentlemen." - Marge, Bill Kyle. Southlake, Tx.


Island Sails Gallery

Early Morning Sail

The calm waters of the morning offer excellent coral reef snorkeling and easy sailing in the morning light. If your able to choose one of our four tours this is the one. Did we mention this is the best time to see dolphins and turtles!

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Mid-Morning Sail

Enjoy the late morning in Hanalei bay while the wind picks up as we venture out side of the bay and are able to get a taste of the true open ocean. We would call this sail moderate.



Afternoon Sail

This is for the true sailors who can handle a little spray in their face. Our destination is 5 miles off shore. From there the view of Kauai's north shore is to die for. From there we'll surf our way back into the Hanalei Bay. Oh, did we mention that this is the time we catch most if our fish. Fishermen come prepared. That is with your luck of course!



Romantic Hanalei Sail

This beautiful sunset sail aboard our Hawaiian Sailing Canoe is a true treat. In the calm of the late afternoon waters, we'll cruise the bay and watch the colors begin to change as the sun sets. If you like rainbows this is the sail where you will see what makes Hanalei so special!



Honeymoon Sunset Sail

We cater to small groups and personalized charters. This is a unique experience where you and your loved one's can enjoy Hanalei on your own time. Swim, fish, surf, sail, snorkel or just relax. You create the mood that's right for you.